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Game Design – Print

Box Design – Scum

Scum Box Design

Card Design – Scum

Scum Card Design - Blue
Scum Card Design - Red
Scum Card Design - Purple
Scum Card Design - Yellow

Final Package – Scum Card Game

Scum Game - Final Package

Scum is a custom game I designed as a project in school. The card design is clean and modern, based off of a bridge game called Scum.

Card Design – Migration

Migration Card Design
Migration Card Design

Game Board & Rule Sheet Design – Migration

Migration Board Design
Migration Rule Sheet Design

Migration is a board game I developed and designed as a project in school. The game is completely original. It is inspired by several popular strategy board games including: Risk, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride.

Document Design

Mock Print Newsletter

Print Newsletter Front
Print Newsletter Inside
Print Newsletter Back

Consol Tech is a made up company. The newsletter is a representation of technology industry and news. Images © Microsoft and body copy © Alice G. Walton, contributor of Forbes.com.

Mock Print Applebees Menu

Print Applebees Menu Front
Print Applebees Menu Inside
Print Applebees Menu Inside
Print Applebees Menu Inside
Print Applebees Menu Back

The Applebees "mock" menu follows their brand usage guide and is accurate to the menu items at the time of creation. It is a sample creation of Menu Design. Images and menu items © Applesbees.

Video Media

This is a sample creation of shot and edited footage for a fake trailer done for a digital video editing course at Dixie State University.

Krumpet's Home Decor specializes in traditional home decorations, jewelry, fashion accessories, seasonal decor, and gifts. As part of an eCommerce Marketing course I implemented several digital marketing campaigns including; a video campaign to promote and push Krumpet's Home Decor. I worked closely with Krumpet's Home Decor for five months to incorporate social promotions, email marketing, digital media, SEO, UX and brand evaluation.

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