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Promotional Print Marketing

Magazine Ad

DSU Alumni Magazine Ad

Christmas Party Mailer

DSU Campus Store Christmas Party Mailer

Fitness Flyers

Fitness Gear Ad 1
Fitness Gear Ad 2
Fitness Gear Ad 3

Apple & Skullcandy promotional flyer

Apple Flyer MacBook Pro
Apple Flyer iPad

As part of my employment with the DSU Campus Store I create print ads on a regular basis to market products sold in the store.


Thanks for Shopping/See you next time Poster

This poster is used on the reverse side of the entrance display. Shoppers see it as they leave the store.


Inauguration Display

The DSU Campus Store and Dixie State University worked together to market and run a promotion for attending the inauguration of Dixie State University's new president.

Digital Promotions & TV Ads

Buyback Web Slide
Apple iPad Giveaway TV ad

Dixie State University has a number of TVs on it's campus for marketing purposes.

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